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When will I get my refund (flight booking)?

If you have cancelled your ticket with GoingForTour.com then

  • Refund to e-wallet will be processed within 8 working hrs from the time of cancellation
  • In case of refund to bank account/credit card, Partners takes 24 hours to process your refund
  • Further, the private sector banks may take 3 - 4 working days and public sector banks may take up to 7 working days to refund in your account
  • In Case Of Cash It Can Take Upto 10-12 Working Days.
How do I list multiple rooms?
How will I know my hotel booking has been confirmed ?

Once you have made the hotel booking, the voucher confirming the booking will be sent to your registered email-ID. In case you haven't received your voucher within 6 hour of booking, just login to the Manage Bookings section on the website and print the voucher from there.

Change Flight Dates
How can I change the date of my flight booking?

Date Change may be permissible on your booking on payment of Airline Date Change Fee, GoingForTour Service Charges plus any fare difference that may exist between your original fare and the fare of the flight that you want to change to. The date change fees and GoingForTour Service Charges are printed on your E-Ticket. In several cases, the date change fees and the cancellation fees levied by the airline is the same and you could also cancel the ticket online and make a fresh booking at the same cost as that of doing a date change. Please note that date change may not be permitted on certain tickets.

Seat Reservation Information
Can I reserve a particular seat?

Policies on advanced seating vary by airline. Some airlines assign seats immediately, others may only assign seats 24 Hours before the flight, and several airlines wait to assign seats until the day of the flight. For special seat assignments, such as seats for travelers with special needs, please call the airline directly. Special seat requests may override frequent flyer and full price, unrestricted fare premium seating requests.

Train Search
What is meant by WL / DNR / NA / AVL / RAC / TKL?

hese indicate the availability status on a train. Please find their meaning below.

  • WL - Waiting
  • DNR - Do Not Run
  • NA - Not Available
  • OAVL - Available
  • RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation
  • TKL - Tatkal
How do I edit my calendar?
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  • Shopping history
  • Hot offers according your settings
  • Multi-product search
  • Opportunity to share with friends
  • User-friendly interface
What is a boarding point?

You can choose a boarding point, from where you will board the train. This can be any station between the Reservation From station and Reservation Upto station. By default, you Reservation From station is also your boarding point. While you may choose a boarding point as any station on the route of the train, you would have to pay the fare as applicable for Reservation From – Reservation To stations. For example, if you are booking a ticket from Mumbai Central to New Delhi and choose the boarding point as Kota Jn, then you can board the train only at Kota Jn and not between Mumbai Central and Kota Jn. You would however have to pay the fare for Mumbai Central to New Delhi. While booking your ticket, you may also find multiple stations within a city. In such cases, it becomes imperative to choose the station form where you would board the train. For example, in case of Mumbai you may need to choose a boarding station from amongst Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Vashi etc. while for New Delhi you may need to amongst New Delhi, Old Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, etc.

Visa Application
How do I get a visa?

All countries that you wish to visit require advance application for visas. This involves filing your application at the embassy or consulate of the country. Several documents are required to accompany your application. Also the respective consulates may call you for a personal interview, fingerprinting procedures or to furnish additional documentation in select cases. Make My Trip provides assistance for visa application only. Grant of visa is solely at the discretion of the Embassy.

Transit Visa Information
Do I need a transit visa?

Some countries have stringent rules for Indian passport holders if they are transiting/traveling via UK, France, Germany, or Canada. Transit visa may also be required if one does not have a valid US visa and is going to India for stamping of US visa, or is on advance parole.

How do I file a TDR?

You can file a TDR claim by logging into your account. Choose the booking and the passengers for which you wish to file the TDR request. Additionally when you try to cancel a ticket after chart preparation you would be directed to fill out the TDR form since online cancellations can be done only before chart preparation.